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U.S. Navy Veteran Coin

Item#: HR62245

U.S. Navy Veteran Coin

Description :

U.S. Navy Veteran Coin by Northwest Territorial Mint. Die Struck in jewelers metal, this coin has bold enamel color on both sides. The front side features the Navy seal beneath the word "Veteran," which is imprinted in bold on the upper rim of the coin. The American flag is on the reverse side with "USN" superimposed. This coin honors the heroic service of all Navy veterans throughout America's history. 1 3/4" W

Available Colors: Red, White, Blue, Teal, Brown

IMPRINTING: Clutch back

Payment Terms:T/T

Delivery Time: Estimated 3-14 days

Update time: 11/24/2016 1:11:08 AM

market price $ 14.38